Science is the most 'future proof' degree: Engineering and chemistry seen as courses likely to lead to an adaptable career

Survey of undergraduates found science beat arts for future proof degrees. Engineering and chemistry voted as most likely to lead to enduring career.

But a history or English degree came lowest in the poll of students. 

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan recently sparked controversy with claim teenagers should steer clear of humanities and opt for science or maths. But leading investment bank will hire arts graduates because it blames ‘linear thinking’ mathematicians and economists for parts of financial crisis.

Students wishing to safeguard their careers against changes in the job market should opt for science rather than arts degrees, according to a survey of undergraduates.

Engineering and chemistry were considered to be the most ‘future proof’, as they are courses most likely to lead to an enduring and adaptable career. 

Students polled by a college were broadly optimistic that their chosen courses would prepare them for a world in which the job market could change dramatically during their working lives.

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