‘Clever’ teachers don’t work long hours, says former government adviser

Teacher training should put the emphasis on workload management, says Sir Andrew Carter, adding that staff who ‘brag’ about long hours are not setting a good example to trainees 

“Clever” teachers who work smartly do not need to put in excessively long hours, a former government adviser has said.


Trainees should be told that working 12 to 13 hours a day is “unreasonable” and schools should “get smart” with planning initiatives said Sir Andrew Carter, chief executive of the South Farnham Educational Trust.


Work-life balance should be an integral part of teacher training – especially in light of retention problems, he said.

Sir Andrew, who chaired a government-commissioned review of initial teacher training, said he’d heard teachers talk about starting work at 5am, or working until midnight, in front of trainees.


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